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How Outsourcing eCommerce Catalog Management Services Save You Time & Cost?

vservesolution January 24, 2020 0 Comments

As an online retailer, it can be daunting to manage your eCommerce platform on your own. But, you can accomplish this tedious task if you outsource eCommerce catalog management services.

Here’s why:

Quality Maintenance

With around 120 million registered products on Amazon alone, it can be hard to compete with other retailers. So, you need to keep a consistent quality for your products and that too across several channels.

If you plan on doing it yourself, you might end up with product content that has wrong descriptions, information, spelling mistakes, etc. Hiring a reliable eCommerce product catalog management team for quality maintenance ensures that your product descriptions, data, and attributes are top-notch.

Furthermore, if you are managing the data with software like Excel, then managing your product catalog will become time-consuming. Even if you end up with a small team of employees to manage entering data on Excel sheets, etc., it would not be productive in the long run. As a result, you end up with wastage of time and money.

An excellent product catalog management service indexes your catalog through cutting-edge tools for hassle-free data management. Besides, professionals will have a faster turnaround time to give you updates on your eCommerce catalog.

Constant Updates For eCommerce Catalog Management

Ecommerce websites need to refurbish their product lists regularly to maintain quality and variety. That prompts you to make an effort to update your product catalog to suit the requirements of your customer base.

Jeopardizing your online reputation could break your business for good. Instead of relying on an inexperienced team, you must choose professionals for this work. Such experts are always monitoring the product data and updating it consistently for keeping you in the eCommerce market at all times.

Outsourcing will let you have the time to focus on the expansion of your venture by targeting other departments, such as customer relations, branding, operations, and marketing. That way, you can reach out to more people, create new customers, and give your eCommerce business a boost in sales.

Product Catalog Management Via Multiple Channels

If you are targeting more than one eCommerce platform for your products, then you can unquestionably imagine the work pressure. Simultaneous cataloging of all the products in high quality is a challenge for sure.

Furthermore, each eCommerce channel will have its criteria that need to be abode. If you miss a certain point while doing it yourself, you might lose a valuable customer instantly. And, the chances of the client revisiting your eCommerce page is also limited.

The confusing rules and specifications of multiple platforms can make it frustrating for you to do eCommerce product catalog management on your own. As a result, you might lose your reputation too.

Moreover, CNBC states that nine out of ten customers will always compare the same product on multiple eCommerce platforms. That makes it obligatory for you to have an omnichannel presence.

With expert product management services, you have a reliable setup for inputting precise and eligible details for your eCommerce catalog on several channels at once. That way, you save time and energy for managing your products.

Appropriate Supplier Data

You might be working as a reseller, which makes it significant that you publish the seller’s data correctly. Adding error-free content to your eCommerce page is a necessity, as you do not want to lose a valuable client.

Some suppliers do not have complete information listed for their products. Moreover, you might even find spelling errors in their provided information. As a reseller, you will have to correct and complete the product data to maintain your standard on the eCommerce platforms.

If the task is lengthy, then you will need to take help from a reliable team to revamp the supplier data for you. Additionally, such experts will research incomplete product data for helping you maintain your standards online.


Ecommerce product catalog management services streamline the workload by centralizing the process. They have specific tools that manage the product information to give you a productive approach.

As a retailer, you might not be able to spare your valuable time on finding products, registering them, adding descriptions, comparing with competitor’s data, etc.

Moreover, such tasks cannot rely on amateur team members. What you need is a professional team that unifies the responsibilities to give you consistent outputs without wasting your time. 

Such a team will have the right way of updating you at all times so that you have a strong presence on eCommerce platforms, both internally and externally. As a result, you save a ton of costs on product management, services, workforce, etc.

Final Thoughts

Outsourcing eCommerce catalog management services give you many privileges that an amateur team of handlers cannot. After all, it is your reputation that is on the line.

Contact Vserve Ebusiness Solutions to outsource reliable ecommerce product catalog management services today!

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