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Product Enhancement Guide for Alibaba

vservesolution December 20, 2019 0 Comments

Manufacturers and wholesalers are increasingly joining Business-to-Business eCommerce platforms such as Alibaba to get leads and connect with potential buyers. What this means is that most of the sales now begin and end online. This renders the need for product enhancement more important than ever which serves as a glowing advertisement for your product and helps business buyers to build trust in your company.

Keep reading to find out how to optimize your product page so that you can get sizable orders from business buyers.

Include More Information

Business to Business purchases usually takes longer than Business to Customer purchases. It is primarily because there are multiple stakeholders and more money needs to be signed off on. What this means is that your product listing page needs to include all the relevant information that the decision-makers might want to see so that they can approve the purchase.

Add Product InfoProduct Details

By not listing down all the information upfront, buyers assume that your business does not offer what they are looking for and continue their hunt for a seller who meets their requirements. Be sure to invest time in adding every single detail regarding your product. This includes product features, sizes, pictures and an overview of your company.

Optimize Your Product Name

Optimizing your product name for search engines should take precedence over everything else. Try to step in the shoes of the buyer and think about what would they type in the search bar which would lead them to your product.

Next, try to include as much of this vital information as you can in the product title. Include terminologies that are highly searched such as ingredients and materials used to make your product.

As a case to point, a customer may search for “salt lamps” but a business buyer who seeks to produce their own salt lamps will have more knowledge on the subject and will run more targeted searches.  Hence listing your salt lamp as “Himalayan natural crystal salt lamp” will help you to garner a greater number of targeted leads.

Minimum Order Quantity


Put in Your MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

Including the minimum number of units, a buyer has to buy to qualify for an order is just as critical as the price of the unit. Moreover, if you are offering a reduction in the overall price depends on the volume of the product ordered, including this information on the page. These discounts will convince your buyer to buy a larger quantity of your product. In addition, it is one of the most essential aspects of product enhancement.

Upload Videos and Quality Product Images

Images and product videos are not just an inspiration for business buyers that push them to buy your product. They use these images and product videos to inspect the product in detail. You can boost the chances of a sale by including several images of the product from different angles. All the images updated should be with the highest photo quality possible. Buyers are also genuinely interested in looking at pictures of the source where the product is made. Be sure to include pictures of the place where your product gets manufactured.

Product Video and Images


Put Up Your Catalogue Online

Business buyers do not just browse the products that are put up on your online storefront. They will also download the entire catalog your organization offers as this facilitates them to understand your capabilities. This is immensely useful for many buyers who do not want the hassle of asking questions back and forth. If they see a couple of products that strike their fancy, they will be sure to reach out to you themselves to proceed with the purchase.

Upload Full catalog


Test. Improve. Repeat Your Product Enhancement

Every business has ample room for improvement as your customers and market are perpetually changing. The best manner in which to respond to this change is by testing out parts of your product page to see if impacts the overall performance. You can start with the product listing’s name. Play around with the different keywords and observe how this impacts your leads and clicks on the product page. If there is a positive impact, you should keep on repeating the process to further boost the performance of your product.

Final Word

To summarize, in the cutthroat ecommerce market of today, it is imperative that you perfectly optimize your product page for your audience. If you seek excellent product catalog management services, be sure to reach out to Vserve Solution. We excel at setting up and managing their clients’ eCommerce online stores and product catalogs.


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