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What Are All the Best Practices of Product Image Editing?

vservesolution January 27, 2020 0 Comments

Product image editing plays a crucial role in marketing as it instills and addresses the product’s appearance, quality, and likeability. If you are looking forward to understand the best practices of product photo editing, here they are.

Techniques That Bring out the Best of Product Image Editing Services

#1 of E-commerce Image Editing Services: Background Removal

Background removal is probably the most common product photo editing technique used by every image editing service provider. But nevertheless, it is one of the best practices to showcase products at their best.

Think about it, a product portrayed on a beautiful background will obviously please the eyes, but does it serve the purpose? Definitely not as we are trying to bring attention to the product and show its better qualities to improve the sales, not the scenery.

Background removal is also the reason for the recommendation to shoot the product with a white background as it makes removal easier.

#2 of Product Image Editing Services: Color Correction

Color correction is the technique used when all you have is one model but you need to portray it in various colors. But it is not limited to this small use case.

The captured picture might portray a dull version of the product. For instance, a picture might show a lighter version of a black shoe. And that doesn’t excite the viewer in any way.

Color correction fixes the color tone, saturation, exposure, contrast and every aspect of the products, making them more attractive to the viewers.

#3 of Image Editing Services: Image Retouching

Even if the product is photographed with the best camera, it ought to have inconsistencies that might not represent the product at its best.

For example, the image of a model shoe might have minute flaws with the laces or the sole. It might also have unwanted spots. And such spots can be removed with image retouching.

In brief, image retouching is the localizing adjustments to render picture with impeccability. While this is essential for all images, the emphasis for retouching is even higher for E-commerce product image editing as a picture here speaks volumes for the quality of the product.

#4 of E-commerce Product Image Editing Services: Photo Masking

Image masking is a non-destructive process of editing that involves isolating various layers or portions of the image.

E-commerce products, at times, have to be portrayed as worn by models to show how they look in reality. And during that time, editing the product separately might render the model a bad shape and vice-versa. Image masking can be used to individualize selected portions of the image for editing, while the rest remains unchanged.

#5 of Photo Editing Services: Drop Shadow

Too much editing is also bad for the products as it makes them look unreal, discouraging the viewers from buying them. But despite the shortcomings, it’s forcing us to rely on eCommerce product image editing services to make the product look as perfect as possible.

Drop shadow is the savior in such scenarios. When the original background is removed to obtain a clean, white background for the image, the shadow of the original image is also removed. Drop Shadow adds a fake shadow to the product image making them look more real and appealing.

#6 of Image Editing Services: Ghost Mannequin

Ghost mannequin is especially a boon for garment and clothing product photo editing. Clothes can get unnecessarily wrinkled when hanged in the air and that is bad as product image. It has to be the flawless to attract customers.

Ghost mannequin is the technique that involves dressing a mannequin with the product and removing the mannequin with special effects after the photoshoot. The technique also comes in handy when you want to portray the sophistication of the product from every angle.

#7 of E-commerce Image Editing Services: Mirror Effect

Mirror effect, as the name suggests, is mirroring of the images to improve the appeal of the product.

While it may not be useful for all the products, the mirror effect can prove to be highly effective and can potentially drive sales in the suitable ones.

The typical use case of mirror effect in image editing services is to portray the glassware or utensils as a classic fit for the surroundings.

Wrapping Up

The last step of E-commerce image editing is the most basic of all the processes: resizing. The product image that goes live online should neither be large nor small; it has to be apt.

We in Vserve emphasize on creating the best products images because we understand how crucial images are for sales. In fact, 75% of online shoppers decide a potential purchase based on the product images.

Get in touch with our executives if you want to support your product sales with highly optimized images. We offer E-commerce product image editing services that increase sales and conversion.

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