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Why Do Most eCommerce Businesses Outsource Product Description Writing?

vservesolution August 19, 2020 0 Comments

Around 80% of people take a minute to read the product description before adding the product to their cart

It’s no secret that an SEO-friendly product description is the need of the day to drive more prospects to your eCommerce site. But, beyond its SEO benefits, a compelling product description has an undeniable impact on every eCommerce sale. And, here we can prove you why –

If the product content is a crucial part of your eCommerce growth, why outsource product description writing services? Why not write all by yourself? Here’s why –

Keeping your motivation sky high is the secret to success in this business world. But, imagine spending every waking hour writing product descriptions for thousands of products in your catalog instead of focusing on the bigger picture. You might get burned out, and would easily miss every critical element of your business growth.

Hopefully, once you start outsourcing your content, it will be a lot easier for you to refocus your time and energy on business activities that matter the most. And, keep up with enthusiasm about your brand and continue to grow your business.  

Outsourcing product description writing services is not only about saving time and money; the impact is far beyond! And, here let’s look further –

10 Core Benefits of Outsourcing Product Description Writing Service 

1. Reduce Overhead Costs:

Are you thinking about staffing in-house for an eCommerce product description writing team? Consider the cost involved. It’s not merely a matter of hiring qualified team members. It includes the budget for the entire team, extra office space, and the tools needed. Instead, it’s best to hire an offshore content team that has everything needed to provide the best of the service at a reasonable cost.

2. Professional Support:

Still, want to give product description writing a go yourself? Check out our tips here. 

But for the best and quick results call in the professionals. Writing product descriptions requires a unique skill set that comes with experience. 

Only a professional product description writer can tap into the nuances of your product specifications and convert feature lists into impactful benefits that reflect the value behind customer purchases. 

3. High-Quality Content:

With an outsourced team comes experienced editors and writers who will help ensure the quality of the content is at its best. Every single product description gets a detail-oriented review before it goes live. Here we help you maintain a consistent tone, accurate grammar, and quality that effectively communicates your message to the right audience.

4. Better Quality with no Learning Curve:

If you’re not familiar with creating compelling product descriptions, or adding SEO features and optimizing product images. You’ll need to invest your valuable time and resources in training. Or you could just hire an expert team who know how to do all that for you.

5. Quick and Easy Ramp Up:

You may hire a large team of in-house product description writers just days before Black Friday to churn out content for the growing product demand. But do you need the same team at times when business slows down? Maybe not –

By outsourcing, you’ll find it easy to adapt to the difference in workload with ultimate flexibility. And, you can get access to the additional seasonal expertise as and when needed.

6. Unique Product Descriptions:

It might be tempting to save time and money with a copy from manufacturer spec or just fill the page with a feature-laden description. Such content can neither attract new customers nor rank high on Google. 

Meanwhile, an expert product description writer can provide a unique description for every product page with original content, customized for your audience. Each product copy will be carefully analyzed and crafted with meaningful phrases that will inform buyers to make better buying decisions.

7. Better Google Ranking:

Striking a balance between SEO-friendly and quality content can be tricky. Only the right combination of keywords can rank your page for the relevant search queries. A professional copywriting team can hit this balance perfectly. 

Product description writers and SEO experts can work together to find the trending keywords. And, create SEO-friendly content that Google loves and ranks high on SERPs.

8. A Fresh Perspective:

Another valuable benefit of the outsourcing product description writing service is the fresh perspective offered by the team that isn’t in-house. Even if you’re living and breathing your product line, the chances are you’re too close to it to see it objectively. 

An outsider’s perspective can give a new approach, sometimes exactly the customer’s approach to your product that can strengthen your content for better results.

9. Reaching the right audience:

Do you want the content tone to evoke a sense of luxury and quality? Or can it be friendly, with fun and humor? A professional copywriter will always make it their business to know who they are writing for, and tweak the content with the right set of audience in mind.

Here at Vserve, we know the strategy to write descriptions that speak to your ideal buyers in a tone that reflects your brand and the value proposition.

10. Sell Customers your Product Story: (Not just the specs)

The customer doesn’t care about a boring product specification. They want to know how a product will solve their problem or change their life. They would like to know what it feels like, sounds like, or smell like or even tastes like when using your product. Unless they experience it somehow, they are not going to click on the buy button. 

A seasoned product description writer will know to go beyond product specifications. Convey your product story to inform the customer about aspects of your product, giving them the reasons to purchase. 

Outsourcing eCommerce Product Description – The Right Way

Stepping forward into the unknown world of outsourcing and delegating the most crucial task of product description writing service can sometimes be tough –

At Vserve, with our experience in working with hundreds of eCommerce clients in creating product descriptions and brand content. Here our team has compiled a few crucial tips to outsource eCommerce product descriptions the right way. The list for you –

  • Communication is the key to an excellent outsourcing experience. Depending on the type of copy you’re ordering, it’s best to provide a content requirement brief that includes a content outline, a reference piece, and a style guide.
  • Hire Niche-specific Writers. When you own a high-level niche company look for product description writers with niche-specific expertise in your industry.
  • Source a short-run batch to the outsourcing team before handing over the bulk project to test the outsourcing team of their capabilities and coordination.
  • Always assign work in batches to ensure easy tracking and a quick review.
  • Collaborate with offshore editors to create a functional partnership. When you have an in-house team of editors to review the outsourced content, work with the offshore editing team in collaboration to create an effective partnership.
  • Encourage the team to utilize their freedom and tap into their creativity. You can be specific with your requirements but don’t constrict the writer’s thoughts.
  • Reevaluate your brief and template during the review to make sure the requirement details provided are sufficient for delivering quality content that hit the mark.

Though it’s not so easy, outsourcing eCommerce product description writing service is a rewarding process and can bring in benefits in the long-run.

Final Thoughts

Are you looking for the right team to help you craft your product content? Talk to us and learn more about how we can help you to create unique and user-friendly product descriptions that convert your prospects into active buyers.


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