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7 Ways an eCommerce Virtual Assistant Can Boost your Business Performance

vservesolution December 4, 2020 0 Comments

Are you on the fence about hiring a virtual assistant?

Many business owners have leaped and confirmed how hiring a virtual assistant has changed their business for the better. 

“Taking the plunge to become an entrepreneur can be daunting. When you start looking at long term benefits instead of short term investments, hiring a new VA would be your next action” – Ryan Lee, Entrepreneur and Best-Selling Author.

As a business owner, your goal spans beyond cost-saving to increase your product sales and business performance. Will an eCommerce virtual assistant help accomplish your most important business goals?

The answer is YES –

Hiring an eCommerce virtual assistant is not just about cutting costs and saving time; and the impact goes far beyond. And here, we have highlighted how an eCommerce virtual assistant can enhance your productivity and boost your business performance.

Ways to Boost your Business Performance with eCommerce Virtual Assistant

Avoiding Stock Outs

Keeping in mind the competitive landscape and your customers’ tolerance, canceling orders due to stock shortage is unacceptable. Top brands like Best Buy, have faced such situations, which negatively impacted way beyond losing sales.

Meanwhile, managing your inventory enables quick and accurate delivery. And it leads to increased loyalty, sales volume, and a better brand image of your eCommerce store.  

An eCommerce virtual assistant who is an order management specialist will be responsible for managing all your orders.

  • They make sure that the right products are delivered to the right customer. In addition, they are delivered safely and on time.
  • eCommerce virtual assistants can keep a tab on your existing stock and update you when you run out of stock.
  • The VA can help compile orders, setting up shipments, and sending your customer invoices to your shipping companies.

In short, a virtual assistant for eCommerce stores can track all the orders and ensure delivery according to the plan. 

Effective Listing and Optimization

Listing your products in an accurate and timely manner can be a significant boost to your sales. The businesses that list on multiple channels earn more than those who limit selling to just one platform. The multi-channel listing gives you a chance to engage with more customers and create better product visibility regularly.

But, onboarding new products in such a fast-paced environment can be overwhelming. Especially if you are launching new product lines frequently, it’s essential to make it instantly available to your customers. That’s when you need more hands at your rescue. 

An eCommerce virtual assistant can handle the time consuming task of uploading product details and assigning prices to your products regularly.

  • They can create compelling and informative product descriptions for every product page. It helps to attract your customer’s attention and give them the valuable information needed to make the purchase decision.
  • An image editing expert can also step in to edit your product images. They deliver images with a visual appeal, and the product feels that meets your customer’s expectations.

Improving Marketing ROI

Digital marketing offers the best of both worlds – REACH and ROI to your eCommerce business. A lifeline to your eStore, it helps skyrocket your business growth.

Infarct, 83% of marketers consider social media marketing is ultimately essential for eCommerce sales.

However, placing ads comes with a considerable cost that drains your investment when done without prior expertise. You can increase your return on investment by hiring an eCommerce virtual assistant specialized in digital marketing.

  • Adept at the latest trends in your niche, eCommerce virtual assistants can support implementing a successful marketing strategy for your business.
  • They can help set up email marketing campaigns to foster new relationships. In addition, they help to strengthen the existing ones.
  • An eCommerce website Virtual assistant can perform SEO and keyword research tasks to bring in traffic to your eStore.

Increase in Customer Satisfaction

It’s no secret that customer loyalty is the key to success for your ecommerce store. 

Stats prove, 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience.

You can step ahead of your competition by providing outstanding customer service that enhances your customer experience. And, you can achieve it only with professional support in hand. 

Hire a customer service VA to answer queries and concerns through multiple channels. In addition, an eCommerce virtual assistant can skillfully handle the customer’s service tasks to –

  • Respond to your customer queries on time.
  • Communicate with customers to resolve disputes, customer complaints.
  • Handle product returns, exchanges, and refunds.
  • Engage with prospective and existing customers and spot opportunities for upselling and cross-selling.

Market Insights for Better Business Decisions

Today’s market belongs to the businesses who know their consumers’ impulse and respond quickly to fulfill their needs. The brands that thrive in a competitive market are the ones that evolve, along with growing consumer needs. Top brands like Apple and Netflix are the best examples to prove how market analysis has built your brand.

So whether you are a small, medium, or an established business, market research is essential to stay ahead of your competitors and stay in the game.

Engaging a seasoned eCommerce virtual assistant for market research will provide you with business insights that help make better business decisions.

  • Your eCommerce virtual assistant can perform – keyword research, product sourcing, target market research, and competitor analysis.
  • A product sourcing specialist will have a strong network of retailers and manufacturers from whom you can buy items in bulk and on sale.

Marketplace Setup and Account Management

Selling across channels leads to better revenue. While it aids the sellers to expand their businesses, it also paves a way towards better reach and brand awareness. Whether you’re looking to set up a marketplace, increase your sales, or boost your page ranking, an eCommerce virtual assistant can help.

  • An eCommerce virtual assistant has sound knowledge in handling major eCommerce marketplaces. Therefore, they can help create your account from scratch and upload individual product page details.
  • Being standalone support or acting as an extension of your existing team, your eCommerce virtual assistant can manage your day-to-day marketplace activities and maximize your business’s potential.

At Vserve, we have trained experts in Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, and other eCommerce marketplaces. In addition, they understand the trends and tactics to sell rightly on every platform.

Managing Finances

Accounting has always been a significant challenge in retail. Though you’re passionate about managing your books and accounts, it consumes a lot of your time. To compete better in this competitive market, you need to streamline your accounting and bookkeeping process.

So what’s the solution? It’s about finding an alternative from doing it all by yourself. Hiring an eCommerce virtual assistant not only saves you time but also gives you the flexibility to focus on your core business activities. 

  • Specializing in finance, so they can keep you informed on emerging financial policies, compliance policies, and accounting rules.
  • With technology becoming an integral part of your finance and accounting support. An eCommerce virtual assistant skilled in accounting and financing can also guide you on the best application and tools. 

While many other ecommerce tasks that your virtual assistant can perform, as a business owner, you know what your business needs better than anyone. Identify the areas you need help and prioritize the tasks that can be delegated to a virtual assistant. In addition, you have to choose the assistants with different skill sets and the expertise required to complete the job on time. 

Not Sure How to Start?

Worry no more; Vserve offers virtual assistant services to hire the right virtual assistants for your eCommerce business. All you have to do is, brief us on your needs, and we can get you paired with the best skills in the industry no matter how many attempts it takes before you hire them. Adept at your business niche and trained in technology and tools, our expert assistants are set to support your business effectively.


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